Q: What is counterfeiting?
A: Counterfeiting is committed when products are copied and marketed for profit without the consent of the rights holder.

Q: What is Micropore Membrane?
A: A high density of micropores created on the PET membrane by Neutek’s proprietary technologies. The micropores are 2-3 microns in diameter with density of about 200,000 pores/cm2.

Q: What are the applications?
A: Consumer products, Fast moving merchandise, Digital consumer products, Food & beverage, Pharmaceutical, Industrial products and others.

Q: Can it integrate with other anti-counterfeiting features?
A: Yes, it can be integrated with encrypted data, barcodes, QR codes, sequential and randomized digital codes, graphics, texts, hidden patterns, partial holographic, non-reusable features and multi-layer anti-counterfeiting features.

Q: What patterns can be engraved on the Micropore Membrane?
A: Almost any graphic and text can be engraved on the Micropore Membrane

Q: What pattern colors are available?
A: The Micropore Membrane is transparent, while the pattern engraved on it is translucent. You can use different background colors to change the contrast of the pattern.

Q: Is it easy to authenticate?
A: Yes, it is easy. Use wet wipes to make the pattern disappears; the pattern appears again when it is dry.

Q: How does the irreversible authenticity identification feature work?
A: Use pen smear on the Micropore Membrane, an imprinted, non-erasable pattern will appear on it.

Q: Can it integrate with our packaging production process?
A: Yes, we make the Micropore Membrane Anti-counterfeiting Label in accordance with the specifications and requirements of our customers. You can take it in roll form or sheet form to fit for your particular production process.

Q: Can you tailor made the labels for our particular purpose?
A: Yes, our representatives and engineers will work with you and provide you with a solution for your requirements.

Q: Is the Micropore Membrane safe to humans?
A: The Micropore Membrane is made by PET, which is widely used in food packaging. Besides, our products are meeting the applicable requirements in toxicological indicator; and the limit of volatile organic compounds, phthalates and heavy metal.

Q: How about the quality of Micropore Membrane Anti-Counterfeiting Label?
A: We are certified by ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO18000.

Q: Can I buy the Micropore Membrane Anti-Counterfeiting Label from other suppliers?
A: No. Micropore Membrane is the proprietary product of Neutek and its affiliates. We are the only company with such know-how and technologies to produce such products. This ensures no Micropore Membrane Anti-Counterfeiting Label can be faked.

Q: What are the other benefits of Micropore Membrane Anti-Counterfeiting Labels?
A: The other benefits including simple to apply, high accuracy on various materials, small and light weight, safe and reliable, and reasonably price.

Q: How can I get more information about the Micropore Membrane Anti-Counterfeiting Labels?
A: You can send email to info@neutekhk.com or call (852) 2798 5517

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